Our Story

Our story begins 2003. We started as an office furniture wholesaler in 2003. Touch Mattress came to light in 2016. We saw the performance and growth of others in the market with the innovative “Mattress in A Box” product line, but saw a gap in the market. Everyone was offering memory foam mattresses at a premium.

We decided then to start working on a hybrid design that would cut down on weight, have the reliability of time tested designs, and put a twist on products that are out there. After trying out hundreds of styles and makes currently on the market, we sat down with the goal to make something better and more affordable for the average consumer.

Over 15 test designs and tweaks later we perfected our flagship model, The Hybrid. By combining the time tested reliability of pocket coils (individual springs, not linear like traditional innerspring), a memory foam top fused with cool gel we finally had a product ready to push to the market. Our brainchild 2 years in the making was finally realized!
Here we are today. We are currently in local stores around the area and the feedback we get has been wonderful. Thanks to our customers we are continuing to work higher end models as well as more budget friendly designs.
Here at Touch Mattress we are committed to our customers and local community. We continually seek out new ways to help those in need as well as provide a product we are proud to call ours.