Going above and Beyond

In today's business world everyone is looking to cut cost and maximize profits. While this is sound for business, we take pride in our dedication to not only our customers, but keeping our products as environmentally friendly as possible! How do we do this? Its simple!

Coils - Our coils are made with 99% or greater recycled metal.

Fire Retardant Fabric - Our fabric has been tested to be fire retardant as we do not use any PBDE (Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers) in the manufacture of our products.

E-1 Standards (US - CARB) - We conform all of our products to meet or exceed both the California Air Resources Board (Emissions that are the strictest in the US) as well as England's E-1 standards. 

Mold Resistant Foam - The foam we use in our mattress's are mildew and mold resistant. 


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